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Innovating health, wellness, and learning through research and design

MacArthur Digital Media and Learning Award. M.D. Stanford University School of Medicine. Doctor of Musical Arts Stony Brook University. Performance Diploma Johns Hopkins University.  I help clients conceptualize inspired solutions to systemic problems and provide concrete analytical, creative and marketing frameworks to implement those solutions. I design and build things, make music, and climb on a regular basis.


I believe need is the ultimate driver of innovation and the solutions to our health problems as a whole are best served by innovating with those most in need. I believe health is wellbeing of body, mind, and spirit and such wellbeing is only achieved together, by caring for each other.


And I believe optimized learning is the ultimate preventative medicine. If learning is adapting to cognitive dissonance – a stressor - then doing so joyfully, with a sense of opportunity in challenge, is a life affirming practice and a root solution for health and wellness. I have coached and created education solutions for physicians, scientists, medical students, musicians, skaters, tennis players, and climbers, and as a daily practice, for myself.  I believe in the power of self-perpetuating loops of mindfulness, deliberate practice and high quality training set in learning environments optimized for growth, wonder and awe.


When a challenge is at the mysterious edge of knowledge, filled with the unknown, combing design thinking, learning optimization, and organizational development is key to individual and organizational transformation. 


Selected writings and presentations

2018 Global Health In Transition Presentation and Whitepaper for Dr. Philip Polakoff and Klosters Innovation Partners

2018 Innovation on Reservation for The Center for the American West's Rural Health Conference, Stanford University

2018 Minimalist Training Guide for Climbers

2017 Still Point Tour

2017 AME Infographic

2017 Montessori for Medical Education

2016 Design for a New Medical Education

2015 Flipped Classroom Design Seminar

2014 AAMC WGEA Presenter: Medical Education in the Time of Watson

2014 AAMC WGEA Presenter: Education Innovation in the Time of Watson


Selected accolades

2017 Shenson - Medicine and the Muse Grant

2016 Medical Scholars Grant to study and promote art-enabled mindfulness and practitioner wellness

2013- Graduate School of Business Venture Studio Membership

2013 Medical Scholars Grant to study Medical Education

2008 Winner MacArthur Digital Media and Learning Award

2008 Winner NYFA Grant for Gantry Park: A geometry of presence



Benjamin Robison is a MacArthur award winning designer, healthcare consultant, musician, and climber. While completing his MD degree at Stanford University School of Medicine, he made things that inspire creative action and studied how adults learn. His passion is creating materials and environments that inspire deep engagement, deliberate practice, joy, and exploration. Prior to medical school, Ben founded and was the artistic director of the multimedia-stage ensemble Ardesco and was the co-founder of the Musicians' Alliance for Peace, a global organization that produced over three hundred and fifty concerts across 25 countries. He has performed as soloist, concertmaster and chamber musician in France, Italy, Greece, Canada and the United States and has collaborated with musicians such as Anton Kuerti, Ani Kavafian, the Emerson Quartet, and Luciano Pavarotti. Ben holds degrees from Johns Hopkins, Columbia, Stony Brook, and Stanford Universities.